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Khan sir biography

How are you, friends? Today,  talk about Khan Sir, the most prominent coaching Khan Gs research centre in Bihar, and the most extensive khan sir library running in Patna. Khan Sir was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. He completed his schooling from Gorakhpur to the 12th standard. He then moved to the University of Allahabad to graduate. When he was in 12th standard, he prepared for AEEE. But because he studied for a long time the night before the exam. Therefore, he remained asleep on the day of examination.

khan gs research centre patna Khan sir qualification

Friends, when talking about the educational qualification of Khan Sir, Khan Sir was brilliant in his studies from childhood. If seen, he was an all-rounder student, he did not have any specific subject, but he was interested in every subject. He has enjoyed learning various areas since childhood. One can infer from this that he has graduated from PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics). He raises GS to children in his coaching center. During his college time, Khan Sir was very active in the student union. The final year student union was the leader of the Allahabad University, where he had to go to jail significantly to meet the student’s demands.

Biography of khan sir Patna in English

Khan Sir was born in UP, but his maternal uncle’s home was in Bihar. He used to travel a lot since childhood, due to which he has a love for Bihar. He was very much influenced by Bihar when he studied Bihar history during his school and college time. Khan Sir believes that there is such a thing in Bihar that thousands of great people have been born here like Aryabhata, Chanakya, Chandragupta. After knowing the history of Bihar, Khan feels very sad that a great land like Bihar has lost its honor. Therefore, he always tells the children of his coaching center in Patna that we all have to make an old Magadh of Bihar. Bihar has to bring back its lost honor.

 Khan GS Research Center

What do you think about the khan sir festival?

Khan Sir celebrated Eid, Diwali, Dussehra with glory in his coaching center. Despite being Muslim, they celebrate Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian festivals. He also shows the children of his coaching center that we should not be Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians but Hindustani. If I tell my personal opinion, after APJ Abdul Kalam, this is the second Muslim brother that I have been so impressed by.

A glimpse of the sight of hatred among the people from Khan Sir

Due to his ideology of being all religions and Hindustani, some special community people had forcefully bombed his coaching center in Patna on 11 May 2019. Khan sir celebrates every festival in his coaching center. Whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian with great pomp. Khichdi is a festival celebrated on the day of solstice. Khan sir arranged a large quantity of curd and chuda at his coaching center. Disabled children were fed khichdi with their own hands. He celebrated with great pomp. Since then, there have been threatening calls from some religious communities that you should not interfere in Hindu festivals by becoming Muslims. But Khan sir continued to ignore.

Anti-social elements attacked Khan Sir’s coaching institute.

When Khan sir also celebrated the festival of Saraswati Puja with children with great pomp, the religious sects clearly said that we would take its revenge from you. Now you have to leave Patna. To avenge this, on May 11, 2019, at 9:45 am, 15 to 20 boys broke into the CCTV camera, LED, and whatever they found inside the coaching center carrying hockey sticks, bats, bombs and ammo, etc.

He beat up all the staff and the teacher, and before leaving, he also fired 5 seven bombs to create an atmosphere of panic. But where was Mr. Khan Sir, the next day, he announced that if you take our life Will kill you,s but we will not stop teaching children. Khan Sir has made education in Patna so cheap that more coaching centers and more coaching institutes are suffering. Other coaching centers are also believed to be behind these attacks.

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khan sir patna hd image

A glimpse of Khan sir’s popularity

You can also understand the popularity of Khan GS Research Center, the khan sir classes Patna coaching center of Khan sir. Khan Sir teaches himself in a coaching center, but the live session of his same class runs in 10-12 coaching centers. That is, there are about 2000 children in just one match, that is, Khan sir teaches about 20,000 children in a match. ‘ take it. If the seats in their class are reduced from live classes, the children stand back and study for several hours.

gs research centre patna

Khan Sir has made Khan GS the largest coaching center in Bihar. Khan Sir’s particular focus is on explaining techniques to children in most ways, explaining as many topics as videos, and using technology to teach as much as possible. The method of teaching Khan sir is so entertaining and inspiring that almost 100% of the children are present in his class.

Some interesting facts of Khan Sir

Khan Sir Gorakhpur is from UP, but he chose Bihar for coaching as he wants to make education in Bihar very cheap. They believe that education is the milk of the lioness;  drank it is a .roar

What does Mr. \Khan sir think about Bihar?

Bihar very much influenced khan Sir in his student life believes that Bihar has the most glorious history in India. But Bihar has lost its respect and needs to bring back this honor, which can be possible through education. He believes that Bihar has to honor old Magadha. Bihar was known as Magadha in our Indian history. Magadha was the most educated, prosperous, powerful, and great empire of India.

What is celebrity attitude towards khan sir

When making this video on a problem related to the country, at the end of the video, their solutions are so loud that people like film stars Anupam Kher, Sonu Nigam also share their video on Twitter. Dozens of celebrities share their videos after watching these videos, not just for the name. After watching his video, many prominent leaders and ministers get calls because the solutions of the videos in his last are tremendous and are very good.

The rumor about khan sir

 It is rumored that Khan sir has a girlfriend who is preparing to be a high officer, but this is not the  journey.

khan patna video

The journey after Khan sir visited Patna.

When Khan went to Patna to open a Khan sir visits did not have any house in Patna. So he went to rent the flat, but that landlord refused, saying that you are Muslim, so we cannot keep you. When he went to another flat, the landlord there was a Muslim. He said, brother, you are not a Hindu because we do not keep Hindus. Then Khan Sir went to some other place, and he took the last flat there where the landlord told him that brother, we do not matter to Hindus and Muslims.

After a few years, a human comes to Khan sir to get blood for his baby girl. Khan sir also gets blood donations (blood donations) from the children of his coaching center. When he saw khan sir, his mouth would open. Because that person was nobody else, but he was the first landlord. The one who refused to give him a flat because he was a Muslim, khan sir, quipped and said that you are a Hindu or Muslim. The man said, “Brother, anyone will go.” That person has changed a lot since that day.

khan gs research centre youtube income

We talk about the revenue (Khan sir YouTube channel income) of the Khan sir(Khan GS Research Center) of YouTube channel for the month Khan Sir, about ₹ 3 million to ₹ 17.3 million and yearly 2 million 33 come from YouTube. Where he used to earn millions in a month. The best thing is that he does not keep this money himself but instead donates that money to orphan ashrams, gaushalas, NGOs, etc. They have their orphanage and cowshed.

This person is funded, friends. If you think that Khan sir has achieved this achievement very quickly, you are wrong; it results from his 18 hours of hard work. He has to face many problems in Patna, but he persevered and kept improving himself even today. He is the source of inspiration for thousands of youth. Friends, I hope you have liked this article. Please share this article and also visits khan sir gs research centre official

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