important idiom phrese 

1. abc-                                                                                                         
 प्रारंभिक ज्ञान 

2. at stake                                                                                                        खतरे में , जोखिम लेना
3. above board  प्रत्यक्ष /खुलम -खुल्ला
4. to cross swards झगड़ा करना
5. to lose faceशर्मसार होना
6. at seaभटकना ,दुबिधा में
7. abide byनियम का [ालन करना
8. a wry faceउदाश दिखाना ,चिढ़ना
9. to blaze trailअभियान शुरू करना
10. to bell the cat खतरा मोल लेना
11. adam’s aleशुद्ध जल
12. at one go एक ही प्रयास में
13. a dump squibपूरी तरह से विफल/ुचि दुकान फीकी पकवान
14. to drop a hint संकेत देना
15. a piece of mindबुरी आदत का शिकार होना डाटना मतभेद  डाटना
16. at odds मतभेद
17. addicated to बुरी आदत का शिकार होना
18. to cut one’s teeth on अनुभव लेना
19. to bury the hatchet शांति बनाये रखना /सुलह करना
20. an eye for an eye जैसा को तैसा
21. a mare’s nestकोरी कल्पना
22. a broken reedहतोऊत्साहित ,बेकार
23. to be up to scratchआवशयकता के अनुरूप
24. to cut cornersकार्य आसान करना
25. at longer heads मतभेद ,विरोध
26. a lady’s  habit िस्त्रियो के घुड़सवारी का बस्तर
27. a noisy parkerदखल -अंदाजी करने वाला
28. to be a good samaritan दानी, परोपकारी
29. to break the iceचुप्पी तोडना , बातचीत सुरु करना
30. a fools errand बेकार का काम , ,बड़ी भूल
31. a baker’s dozenतेराह
32. atoken strikeधमकी भरा प्रदर्शन
33. to curry offप्रथम स्थान पाना , जित लेना
34. to be at one’s fingers endविल्कुल जानकर /परिचित होना
35. a bolt from the blueजोर का झटका
36. a jaundiced eyeपक्षपाती होना, ईर्ष्यालु होना
37. a bull in china shope अयोग्य होना ,
38. to be out of the word  भद्दा होना खतरे से बहार होना
39. argus eyed सतर्क,तीक्ष्ण दृस्टि बाला
40. a green horn अनुभवहीन
41. a lady’s man  इश्कबाज
42. to be full of one selfघमडी आडावरी होना
43. to be at daggers drawn दुश्मनी होना
44. against the grain प्रकृति के विरुद्ध
45. a cushy jobबिना मेहनत का ककर्य
46. at a discount दाम काम किया हुआ
47. to be hoist with one’s own petard अपनी गलती को भुगतना
48. a red latter day महत्वपूर्ण दिन
49. a sight for sore eyesसुखद दृश्य
50. a square peg in a round hole किसी पद के लिए अयोग्य होना
51. a chip off the old blockपूर्वजो का आचरण
52. a thorn in one’s side चिंता का विषय, दुःख का कारण
53. an one in the holve    समस्या का समाधान
54. a storm in a tea cup मामूली बात पर वेचानी
55. a fair crack of the whipमहत्वपूर्ण समय
56. a close shaveवाल- वाल बचाना
57. a tall orderकठिन कार्यो
58. a sop to cerberusफिरौती देना
59. a cock and bull storyबेतुकी कहानी
60. a man of weight महत्वपूर्ण व्यक्ति
61. a fish out of waterअनजाने वातावरण में होना
62. an awkward silenceबेइजती महसूस होना
63. at the eleventh hourअंतिम क्षण में
64. at one’s beck and call हमेशा तटपर रहना
65. all and sundryआम।,साधारण
66. all agog वेचैनी , चिंतित
67. a stone’s throwथोड़ी दूर पर
68. a shake in the grassआइस्टीन का साप
69. a duck in a thunder stormवेचैन
70. a queer fish अजनवी व्यक्ति
71. an eye to main chance पैसा कमाने का साधन
72. at cross purposesगलत फहमी में होना , मतब्जेद होना
73. a feather in one’s cap गौरवन्वित होना
74. a far cry अव्यवहारी
75. a great hand निपुण
76. a cry in the wilderव्यर्थ का हल्लागुल्ला ness
77. a wolf in sheep’s clothing पाखंडी
78. a big drawबड़ा आकर्षण
79. a cog in the wheel महत्वहीन वयक्ति
80. at the drop on hatअचानक,तुरंत
81. add fuel to the fireसमस्या बढ़ाना
82. as good as one’s word वादा निभाना
83. as sure as eggs in eggsआकिस्मक घटना
84. a bolt from the blueविल्कुल निशिचत
85. as true as steetवहुत वफादार/आश्रित
86. bring to light राज खोलना 
87. be in the mireसमस्या ग्रसित
88. bee in the bonnetसांक जाना
89. burining the candles at both ends  शक्ति वर्वाद करना
90. burn one’s boats/bridgeवापस लौटने के लिए रास्ता बढाकर देना सफलता के लिए सकुच दान पर लगा देना
91.bring matters to a head  झगडे का माहौल वनाना
92. burning questionविवादित ,मुद्दा
93. burn the finger झेलना
94. bring to book
95. born with a silver spoon-in his mouth
96. between the devil and the deep sea
97. blow one’s own trumbet
98. breathing down his neck
99. bite more than one can chew
100. babes in the wood
101. black and white
102. bird’s eye view
103. beside  the mark
104. beat about the bush
105. bolt from the blue
106. by fit and starts
107. by the skin on one’s teeth
108. by fair means or foul
109. by the rule of thumb
110. by the rank and file
111. by leaps and bounds
112. castles in the air
113. chime in with
114. carry the day
115. clinch the issue
116. chewing the cuds
117. cock sure
118. cheek by jowl
119. cat both ends
120. come to the crunch
121. call in questions
122. cool as a cucumber
123. crocodile tears
124. call a spade aspade
125. come off second best
126. duck and drakes
127. done the death
128. do someone a good turn
129. designs on
130. elow greese
131. eat heart out
132. eat a humble pie
133. exchange words
134. flash in the pan
135. fight to the finish
136. flesh and blood
137. face the music
138. family on tender hooks
139. fell flat
140. fair and  square
141. fish in troubled water
142. french leave
143. fight tooth and nail
144. flagging a dead horse
145. feather in one’s cap
146. gift of the gat
147. get down to brass tacks
148. give a wide berth
149. green eyed
150. go to the dog
151. go to one’s heart
152. get on one’s nerves
153. get into hot waer
154. gather roses
155. go broke
156. give a cold shoulder
157. globe trotters
158. get the sack
159. get a kick
160. give up the ghost
161. get a flea in one’s ear
162. give the gun
163. get of the ground
164. get contral of
165. give the gone away
166. hit below the belt
167. hand in hand
168. hold the peace
169. heap coals of fire
170. held the enemy at boy
171. hair breadth escape
172. have an axe to grind
173. hole and corner
174. heads will roll
175. hanky- panky
176. have a fingerr in every pie
177. hold its head high
178. herculean task
179. habson’s choice
180. hush money
181. harp on
182. hard pressed
183. high and low
184. have the floor
185. hare and hounds
186. hard and fast
187. hammer and tongs
188. in abrown study
189. in the twinkle of an eye
190. in a jiffy
191. in raptures over
192. in the blue
193. in high spint
194. in the wee hours of the day
195. in a fiasco
196. in a real fix
197. in the  family way
198. in doldrums
199. ill at ease
200. kiss the ground
201. kick the bucket
202. keep himself to himself
203. keep up appearances
204. kick one’s heels
205. keep a good table
206. keep a traight face
207. keep a person in the dark
208. laugh out of the court
209. lay the thief by the heels
210. leave in larch
211. let the by gones be bygones
212. left no stone unturned to
213. leave very little room
214. lead the way
215. luse before the storm
216. lie at one’s heart
217. laughing stock
218. look sheepish
219. let it all hang out
220. ley down the arms
221. look stock and barrel
222. lynch law
223. leave one to sink or swim
224. letter of the law
225. lick and promise
226. make head or tail of
227. midash touch
228. make ducks dracks
229. make one’s mouth water
230. making hay while the sun shines
231. make both ends meet
232. moot point
233. make some one flesh creep
234. man in the moon
235. makeno bones
236. mince mattters
237. make a hash of the something
238. making a meal of anything
239. nuzzle up
240. mealy mouthed
241. now and then
242. no love lest between them
243. means business
244. nook and corner
245. nuts and bolts
246. not to breathe a word about the matter
247. off the map
248. out and out
249. out of  place
250. one the wane
251. on and off
252. off an on
253. on the corpet
254. on the wrong side of fifty
255. once in a while
256. out of question
257. of one’s own accord
258. oily tongue
259. on the the last legs
260. past master
261. play second fiddle
262. pay through the nose
263. paint in bright colours
264. paint the town red
265. person after one’s own heart
266. put the cards on the table
267. pull the leg
268. plough a lonely furrow
269. pell- mell
270. put the shoe on the right foot
271. pin money
272. passage of arms
273. pros and cons
274. queer one’s pitch
275. rock- bottom prices
276. parrot fashion
277. look down upon
278. make an example of
279. pull a long face
280. one’s in a blue moon
281. raining cats and dogs
282. ride the rough side
283. rub someone the wrong way
284. rock the beat
285. run into rough weather
286. run in the same groove
287. ride the high horse
288. small talk
289. spade a spade
290. see with half an eye
291. slip off the hooks
292. to know what side the bread is buttered
293. heck and crop
294. steer clear
295. swan-sang
296. spick and span
297. scream blue murder
298. send someone paking
299. stick one’s neckout
300. set great store
301. struck neck out
302. show white feather
303. stand one’s ground
304. skin of teeth
305. summer friends
306. stalking /dark horse
307. speak one’s mind
308. to all intents and perpose
309. to accept the gauntlet
310. to bear the palm
311. to beat the air
312. to below hot and cold
313. to bite one’s lips
314. to be worth one’s while
315. to be on theball
316. to be at logger heads
317. to be old as the hills
318. to be up and doing
319. to be in two minds
320. to be in abeyonce
321. to be lost in the cloud
322. to curry favour
323. to cut the crackle
324. to cool one’s heels
325. to cry wolf
326. to cut the crackle
327. to cost one;s net wide
328. to din something into somebody
329. to drink like a fish
330. to draw the long bone
331. to disabuse one’s mind
332. to eat one’s fearms
333. to frame a person
334. to fight to the bitter end
335. to flag a dead horse
336. to feather one’s nest
337. to earn one’s keep
338. to feel the pulse of
339. to feather in this nest
340. to face the music
341. to get boot
342. to give the go byy
343. to give currency to
344. to gird one’s self up
345. to give /get the bird
346. to get int hot waters
347. to get cold feet
348. to give one a long rope
349. to get the hang of a thing
350. to give a rap on the knuckles
351. to give currency
352. to give chapter and verse for a thing
353. to have cold feet
354. to hold the fort
355. to have an itching palm
356. to have got another think coming
357. to hit the jackpot
358. to give someone ears
359. to hold a brief for
360. to hold somebody to ransom
361. to hold something in leash
362. to have brush with
363. to haul over the coals
364. to hit the hail to the head
365. to have full hands
366. to jump on the bandwagon
367. to keep the pot
368. to keep a level head
369. to keep one’s finger crossed
370. to keep the nose clean
371. to keep the wolf away from the door
372. to keep one’s head
373. to keep the ball rolling
374. to keep a stiff upper lip
375. to keep the field
376. to lie on the hands
377. to lead someone on a merry chase
378. to lay hands on
379. to lie in one’s power
380. to lay in wait
381. to live in claver
382. to look sharp to loose one’s head
383. to let sleeping legs lie
384. to mind one’s p’s and a’s
385. to make a shot
386. to make the grade
387. to meet half way
388. to make one’s blood creap
389. to miss the boat /bus
390. to oil the knocker
391. to plough the sands
392. to play fast and loose
393. to playy on a fiddle
394. to pay to the gallery
395. to pay off old scores
396. to pull strings
397. to bush somebody to the wall
398. to pay back in the same coin
399. to pass the busk
400. to paddle one’s own cance
401. to pap everybody with hatched
402. to rule the roost
403. to run a muck
404. to rip up old sores
405. to read beatween the lines
406. to rest on one’s laurels
407. to rid hell for leather
408. to scoop the pool
409. to show one up
410. to set the tone for something
411. to save one’s last word
412. to see the writting on the wall
413. to stand one’s guns
414. to show the white feather
415. to see eye to eye with
416. to see red
417. to save one’s fingers
418. to smell a rat
419. to set the people by ears
420. to spil the beans
421. to speak daggers
422. to show one’s teeth
423. to sett the thames on fire
424. to strike one’s colour
425. to throw on the screen
426. to take the bull by the horns
427. to take exception to
428. to try to make bricks without strak
429. to take the biscuit
430. to tread on the heels
431. to throw dust into one’s eyes
432. to talk shop
433. to take somebody for a ride
434. to talk one’s head off
435. to turn ever a new leaf
436. to turn the other cheek
437. to talk through one’s hat
438. to take umbrage
439. to take with a grain of salt
440. to turn the corner
441. to throw up tthe spenge
442. to tempt providence
443. to take people by storm
444. to throw down the glove
445. to wrangle over an ass’s shadow
446. to wash one’s dirty line in public
447. to walk all over someone
448. too many irons in the fire
449. take exception to
450. to sail close to the wind
451. take a dim view of anything
452. turn one’s head to anything
453. twist the lion’s tail
454. take to their heels
455. turn the corner
456. turn/pay a deaf year
457. throw cold water
458. turn a new leaf
459. tall talks
460. the seamy side of life
461. take to heart
462. turn the table
463. under the cloud
464. within a stone’s throw distance
465. have a leg to stand
466. well to do
467. weigh anchor
468. wipe the nose
469. worth the salt
470. wild goose chase
471. within an ace of
472. in double quick time
473. wash one’s hand of
474. wear the trousers
475. yeaman servise
476. wear one’s heart on someone sleeves
477. with opon warms
478. with a high hand
479. white elephant

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