What is cyber ​​crime? | How to avoid cyber ​​crime?

What is cyber ​​crime:- Now a day’s internet becomes as a basic needs like other things such as food, home, clothes & educations etc. It is an era of internet, almost everything connected with an internet in this world. People love it also so much because it makes the human life easy by solving a lot of complex problems in very less time and in easy way. So every internet users have a knowledge of what is cyber ​​crime and How can they avoid it.

We all know one thing that there are two main aspects of everything in the world, the 1st one is benefits and facilitates your work (i.e makes your work easier) and 2nd one is a crime committed with us. If you will go through this post what is cyber ​​crime, definitely you will get a lot of information regarding cyber ​​crime.

Cyber crime is also known as computer crime because it uses computer as a tool for illegal purposes such as fraud, trafficking in child pornography and intellectual property, identity theft or invasion of privacy. what is cyber ​​crime, especially we give it more importance over the Internet as the computer has become a central element of commerce, entertainment and government.

Today in this blog post we are going to know about what is cyber ​​crime and how can we avoid cyber crime? This article contains a brief overview of the what is cyber ​​crime?

what is cyber ​​crime?

It is a crime which is committed by using a network-connected device such as a computer or mobile phone and the person who commit this crimes are known for cyber criminals. These types of crimes increases rapidly day by day with increasing the digitalization. There are some common types of cyber crime such as: phishing, hacking, spam, cyberbullying  etc. The criminal try to steal your personal identity so that they can makes online fraud and they also use your personal information very wrongly like pornography, Hate crime, Blackmail etc.

Types of Cyber crime


Phishing is a technique used to obtain personal or confidential information from a PC user that is related to either your bank details or credit card information. By this campaign they used to send a spam email or other form of mass communication which also contains an infected attachments or links to the recipients. By this process they ask the recipient to reply him with their confidential information.


Hacking may be defined as an activity which makes an interruption into your system or gain unauthorized access to your accounts. It is a common crime in the internet world and hackers often enter the restricted area and they steal your personal and confidential information without your permission. That Could be either  PC(personal computer) or an online account that is being misused by criminals or hackers.


It deals with the harassment of People online on social media through emails and online massages. The attackers usually targeted as a victim of children and youth to collects physical addresses, photographs and personal information through the Internet. Then they blackmails them, which is a very painful stage for them.

Online thief:

This is a crime in which someone infringes copyright and they downloads or copies data of others such as music, games, movies, and software, there are plenty of websites promoting it. They distribute these data freely without taking permission of its owner and privacy of software. They keep/store these data on their own website. This is known as online piracy.


Cyberbullying insults, harasses or threatens someone who uses the Internet via email, messaging etc.

Identity Theft:

It is a process of stealing your personal information, such as your social security number or driver’s license to open a bank account or apply for a credit card and misused for any other purpose.

How to Prevent Cyber crime?

In order to prevent cybercrime, you needs to follow some basic intelligence which will make you safe from these crimes. Although these cybercrime prevention tips  differ by different crime category but here we share some most popular general tips which helps you a lot to be safe from cyber attacks.

  • Don’t download songs, videos, or software from untrusted websites because these files may often contain some hidden malware such as ransomware or trojans.
  • Don’t click on any links received in random emails as you may be redirected to a phishing website.
  • Never download any email attachments that you think are suspicious. Cyber criminals send emails with subjects like Work from Home and Make Money, Pending Invoice, Looking for Friendship, job recruitment and so on.
  • Don’t share your login details such as username or password with anyone, even if they are your very close friend.
  • Always use a strong password, which can be any combination of alpha-numeric characters along with some special character so that it can’t be crack.
  • Encrypt sensitive files or save them on a computer without internet access, on a flash drive, or even on paper.
  • Never reply to a text message, email, or pop-up asking for your login details.
  • Keep your software updated: This is especially important with Internet security software and operating systems. Cybercriminals often use known vulnerabilities or bugs in your software to gain access to your system.

How and where to complain about cyber crime?

In view of the increasing cyber crime in India, the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of India has set up the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal for reporting cybercrime at home. After submitting the complaint, you can check the status information online.

In order to take an action against cybercrime, there is a headquarters in each district, which is known as the cybercrime cell. You can also file a cyber crime complaint there. If there is any cybercrime has happened to you and you want to take immediate action against that then you can freely file a complaint using the toll-free number of Indian Cyber Crime phone number : 1800 209 6789 or the 100 number provided by the government or by online mode on the cyber cell complaint portal.

Steps to File a Cyber Crime Complaint

There are some steps which should be follow by everyone who got victim of any cybercrime which are as follows:

  1. To register a written complaint with your city’s cybercrime cell. According to the IT Act, a cybercrime comes under the global jurisdiction. It means that a cyber crime report can be registered with any cyber cell in India regardless of where it was originally committed.
  2. You will need to provide your name, contact details and mailing address for filling a cybercrime complaint. You must submit the report in writing to the head of the Cyber Crimes Cell of the city.
  3. Registering a Cybercrime FIR – If you don’t have an access to any of the cyber cells in India, then you can file a First Information Report (FIR) with your local police station. In a case of not accepted your complaint there, you can contact the city commissioner or judicial magistrate.
  4. Most of the cyber crimes are included in the Indian Penal Code which are classified as cognizable offense. A cognizable offense crime is one that does not require a warrant for arrest or investigation.
  5. In this case, a police officer is required to record a zero FIR of the complainant. You must then refer it to the police station, which is under the jurisdiction of the place where the crime was committed.

Registering an Online Cyber Crime Complaint

Now a days in the current situation the Ministry of Home Affairs currently in the process of launching a centralized online registration portal for cybercrime, which will makes easy to complaint against any cybercrime because there is no any need to visit a police station for make complaint.

However, the Delhi and Indore Police Cybercrime Cell has already set up an online portal to accept online complaints against cybercrime. Following are some links to submit a report on cybercrime in India through an online portal: National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

Documents Required to File a Cyber Crime Complaint

For Email Based Complaints

  • A written brief summary of the crime.
  • A copy of the suspicious email that the original recipient received.
  • Printed and electronic copies of the alleged email and its header
  • Make sure the electronic copy is on a CD-R

For social media based complaints

  • A copy of screenshot of the alleged profile / content.
  • A screenshot of the URL of the alleged content.
  • Printed and electronic copies of the alleged content
  • Make sure the screen copy is on a CD-R

For Mobile Application Based Complaints

  • A screenshot of the alleged application and the location from which it was downloaded
  • The victim’s bank statements in case transactions were made after the incident.
  • Electronic copies of all of the above documents

For Business Email Based Complaints

  • A brief written letter about the crime.
  • Name of origin and place
  • Name of the originating bank and account number
  • Recipient’s name (as in bank records)
  • Recipient’s bank account number
  • Date and amount of the transaction
  • SWIFT number

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