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Top10 tips to protect your emails from hacked: In the todays world we see the most common form of communication in an organization is its email. It has really becomes revolutionized way to connect and stay in touch with people in the local area or abroad. There are about more than 2 billion active email users worldwide present now because it’s free, convenient and easy to access or use.

Once someone’s email hacked, all important information related to you and your job is seriously affected and there is also a risk of identity theft, which is a very serious problem in today’s world, so apply these Top10 tips to protect your emails from hacked and make sure to be safe online.

Just imagine one thing, someone emailing your bank (from your own email address) posing as you are in order to withdraw all of your savings and think what will  happened. There has been a actual case happened like this with a retired Australian, when someone hacked his email account.

Internet crime is increasing day by day and more than 1 million cyberattacks are launched every day. To protect yourself, your family, and your business, you can take certain precautions to keep your personal information far away from that hackers.

How Emails Can Get Hacked?

You must have an awareness of one thing, i.e how can your email get hacked. We would like to introduce you many things that will provide much needed access for cyber criminals to hack into your email account.

  • Log in to websites when shopping online
  • E-mail / password compromised in case of data breach
  • Clicking a phishing link in an email
  • Forgot to sign out of your account after using a PC or public device
  • You have not used updated security software on your PC
  • Using an unsecured Wi-Fi network

Ultimately, you don’t have much choice but to leave your email account and sign up for a new one. This is a very time consuming process as you will have to change your logins from any online account and you loss so much data in this process. If you log into your new account then keep a strong and unique password along with these other Top10 tips to protect your emails from hacked to keep it safe from hackers.

Here we provide most useful and popular Top10 tips to protect your emails from hacked and make your email safe from hackers and gives a good protection your to make safe from hacked. These are as follows:

Top10 tips to protect your emails from hacked

1. Use a strong password:

The email password is the only key between your private personal information and identity theft or hackers which contains information that you do not want to reveal to any others. So, it should be as most strong as possible. The main parts of a strong password are its length (the longer is the better); a combination of letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols. The first thing you have to do here is set a password that cannot be cracked.

You can also get a help and change your passwords online with a trusted password manager. It will provides you secure and unique passwords for every login, which means that your online presence remains absolutely secure. It also does all of the storage for you, but you need to remember the master password that will be used to access this software.

2. Beware of public Wi-Fi or try to avoid it:

The hackers generally set up fake hotspots so that they can use it to intercept and store people’s personal information. It results to gives them access to a wide variety of information, including email usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, bank account details, and more. For security reasons, please do not use any public Wi-Fi if you want to be safe, especially when logging into your online banking, checking your email, or taking any other action that may reveal confidential information. The best way to stay safe online, when you are away from home, is to use only your own internet VPN-enabled mobile device or laptop.

3. Use two-factor or Multi-Factor authentication:

With an addition of extra security measure, it will be difficult for anyone to access your account. When they trying to login into your account will have to prove that they are you by entering a temporary access code that your email provider will send to your phone. Along with that another benefit of this feature is that when you receive any password messages rather than you trying to log in, you will know that someone else is trying to log into your account.

4. Always Use VPN on your computer and phone:

You will not got any reason against going anonymous on the internet because it protects your personal information online. VPN offers anonymity by encrypting your internet connections. With just one click of your computer or phone, everything you do online is kept safe from your employers or advertisers. This makes your browsing even more convenient with fewer ads, less tracking, and of course more security when you know you are safe.

5. Use a strong antivirus:

Don’t take a risk of your private data being hacked. Use a good antivirus, It raises the security of your data and offers real-time protection against a wide range of malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. It should be installed on your PC, Mac, Android phone and other devices.

6. Keep your computer and smartphone OS up-to-date:

Computers and smartphones have gotten smarter day by day over time. Whenever an operating system released any updates, it notifies us. At that time  most of us  ignore this update but we can’t do like this because you don’t know that your ignorance puts your vital and personal information at risk. If you don’t want to be the  hacked your computer or phone, so we highly recommend you keep your computer and smartphone’s operating system up to date.

7. Don’t click on suspicious links in emails or text messages:

Now a days regularly we receive a series of emails or texts messages that contain links, some offers or some kind of feedback form etc. The important thing to keep in our mind is that most of us do not think before we click on it and Phishers are always keen to attack and breach our data. They always use one techniques of sending links through email or text messages.

The easier way to avoid these scams and to keep your data secure, don’t click on such links or attachments. Instead, open a new another tab and go to the genuine website of the company you received the email from them and verify that the same information matches the source or not.

8. Keep all of your computer and smartphone apps regularly updated:

Updates often include security improvements, so if an update is available, get it right away. Usually, a new update comes with bug fixes or includes security improvements. So the best course of action here is, if an update is available, get it right away.

9. Consider putting a credit freeze on your account:

As a last resort, if your email has been hacked, put a freeze on your account. It’s easy and gives you more control over who has access to your accounts. If someone (like a car) needs access to your credit report, they can easily reactivate the account and then reset the freeze.

10. Protecting Your Router Or Wi-Fi Is Essential:

One thing is more important to find out who and what is on your router, especially if you are a home user or a small business owner as cyber criminals may be trying to hack into your system. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to protect yourself while using the internet by setting a secure WiFi password and changing the administrator password on your router. Set it to something that is difficult to decipher and the hacker couldn’t crack it.

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