Top 10 keyboard shortcuts | Everyone should know

Using keyboard shortcuts provides a quick way to navigate and operate various features in a single press of one or multiple keys. It quite increase your productivity and reduce repetitive stress, otherwise it will take a lot of time for several clicks to accomplish by using mouse to do same operation. For example :  To copy text, Highlight text, To paste text or image etc.

It is difficult to remember all the available keyboard shortcuts because there are so many. The most important thing is that you have remember some of the most useful for your work and here we focusing only on most useful which often can help you to do your work easier and more efficiently.

In this article, I am going to mention best Top 10 keyboard shortcuts keys. This article mostly focuses on most useful keyboard shortcuts which is used in windows 10 to navigate and operate the desktop and apps.

Following are some highly using top 10 keyboard shortcuts which everyone should memorize and use for more productivity in their work.

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl-M :Used to quickly minimize any other windows and you can opened and return to your desktop.
Ctrl-W :Close active window.
Ctrl + L :Focus on the address bar.
Ctrl + D :Delete selected item.
Ctrl + Shift + N :Used to create new folder on desktop.
Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert :Copy the highlighted text or selected item.
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert :Paste the text/content or object that is in the clipboard.
Ctrl + Z :Undo an action or changes. You can press it multiple times to undo multiple changes.
Ctrl + F :Open the Find in any program. It includes Internet browser to find text on the current page.
Alt + Tab :Quickly switch between open programs moving forward.
Ctrl + Back space :Delete a full word at a time instead of a single character.
Ctrl + S :Save the file.
Ctrl + Home / End :Move the cursor to the beginning or end of a document.
Home or End :Goes to the beginning or end of the current line respectively.
Ctrl + P :Print the document or the web page.
Ctrl + A :Select all text in a document.
Ctrl +H :Open history in internet browser
Ctrl +J :Open downloads in internet browser
Ctrl +M :Used to make new slide in P.PTs
Ctrl+ N :To open new file in MS office or To open new page in internet browser
Ctrl+ Q :It is used to close MS P.PTs
Ctrl + R :Reload the page in internet browser
Ctrl + X :Cut the selected item.
Windows + D :Display and hide the desktop.
Windows key + M :Minimize all windows.
Windows key + I :Open Settings.
Windows key + R :Open Run command.
Windows key + Plus (+) :Zoom in using magnifier.
Windows key + Minus (-) :Zoom out using magnifier.
F11 :Switch active window full-screen mode.
F5 :Refresh the instance of File Explorer.
F2 :Rename selected item.
F4 :Switch focus to address bar.
F5 :Refresh File Explorer’s current view.
F6 :Cycle through elements on the screen.
Alt + Left arrow key :Go back.
Alt + Right arrow key :Go forward.
Windows key + L :Lock device.
ESC :Close current task.

Friends, I hope that from this post you must have understood most useful keyboard shortcuts . We have tried to mention most essential keyboard shortcuts which can save your time in performing your task and increase your productivity.

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