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Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs In India : In India, These days Government job have become a big dream and first choice for every Indian youth students, the reason behind it is high job security, less working pressure, a good working environment, attractive salaries and many more.

In fact, if we talk to each second person on daily basis, either he/she is preparing for any government jobs or looking for preparation of various highest paying government job in India.

There are millions of students who apply for government jobs every year but very few of them get succeeded in that job. Although young highly educated people have started to shifting towards private or corporate sector due to lack of vacancies in government sector.

The Job security and work-life balance are the two main ways for attracting towards government jobs . This article contains a brief overview of the highest paying government jobs in India.

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Top 10+ Highest Paying Government Jobs in India 

Followings are the list of most popular highest paying government jobs in India :

  1. Indian Foreign Services (IFS)
  2. Indian Administrative Services (IAS) 
  3. Indian Police Services (IPS)
  4.  Defense Services (Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce)
  5. Scientist/Engineers in (ISRO, DRDO, BARC etc )
  6. RBI Grade B Officer 
  7. Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) 
  8. Indian Forest Service (IFS)
  9. State Services Commissions 
  10. Lecturer/Professors in Government Colleges
  11. ASO in Ministry of External Affairs
  12. RRB Junior Engineer (RRB JE)
  13. SSC Junior Engineer(SSC JE)
  14. State Public Service Commission Officers (State PSC)

Civil Services Officer

Indian Foreign Services (IFS) :

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts Civil service examination to recruit civil servants across the country. This exam is conducted for recruiting various positions and the I.F.S is one of them.

The Indian Foreign Service is one of the most prestigious post in UPSC’s civil services. The service is entrusted to conduct diplomacy and manage foreign relation of India, Regional Passport Offices throughout the country  & represent the country in foreign countries.

An IFS officers spend most of time two third (2/3) of their life/career in foreign countries or abroad with a maximum period of 3 years in one country. The are also known as diplomats or ambassadors and they handle external affairs of the country.

They are selected from UPSC civil services examination. The UPSC examination is conducted in three phases every year.

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

Every graduates are eligible to give UPSC civil services examination across the country. The candidates have to clear the civil services exam. If they get a very good score then  there has been most chances to get selected for Indian Foreign Services (IFS). The salary and other benefits provided to an IFS officer are as follows:

  • The starting salary is between Rs. 60,000 to 70,000
  • Wonderful accommodation
  • Free education for their children
  • Official luxury car
  • Housemaid
  • Free medical care
  • Free air tickets to travel in India etc.

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) & Indian  Police  Services (IPS)

IAS and IPS are other most requested government jobs post among all other highest paying government jobs in India for which UPSC conducts recruitment. These officers work in fields of framing policies, advising minister on various issues, to maintaining law & order, revenue collecting, supervision of different policies of state government & central government, and expenditure of public funds.

They are also a part of policy making in India. The primary duty of an IPS officer is to make sure that people either under their jurisdiction are safe or not. IAS and IPS officials have tremendous power in their hands. Along with this there are various advantages, job security, and power makes these jobs most desirable among every young people.

The salary and other benefits provided to civil services officer are as follows:

  • Starting salary is nearly about Rs. 50,000- 60,000 +DA.
  • Big bungalow when they posted as DM.
  • An official vehicle
  • security guards
  • Get subsidized electricity etc.

 Defense Services:

The candidate have to qualify for defense exams such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT etc. and several others to get a position with defense services. You can enter in the defense services either after higher secondary school or after graduating from any recognized college.

The candidates have excellent promotion opportunities. They get an excellent accommodation with free living expenses and also get a pension when they retired.

The salary and other benefits provided to civil services officer are as follows:

  • Starting salary is between at the rank of Lieutenant is Rs 60,000 +DA
  • Free Good Accommodation.
  • Free living expenses
  • Transport allowance
  • Children Education allowance
  • Pension after retirement etc.


Young engineering graduate candidates who have an interest in research and development then they can apply for the position in the research and development department for the post of engineers and scientists in ISRO, DRDO & BARC. The basic salary for ISRO and DRDO scientists is around Rs.60,000.They are also get free groceries at the canteen.

The salary and other benefits provided to civil services officer are as follows:

  • Basic Salary at entry level – Rs. 60,000-70,000
  • Free living expenses
  • Transport allowance
  • Bonus after 6 months
  • Free Children Education facilities etc.

RBI Grade B Officer :

This is one of the most accessible bank in India. It is the best way to start your career in banking sector. It is the best post for every interested candidate in banking sector.

The candidates have to take the RBI exams for getting a positions in this field, and then they will certainly be able to achieve promotions in the future and they can be promoted up to the level of Deputy Governor.. Here is an overview of its salary & other advantages:

  • Basic salary at Entry-level is Rs. 67,000 (approx.)+ DA
  • Free Good Accommodation.
  • Transport allowance
  • Children education allowance
  • After every two years, they get Rs. 1 lakh allowance for tour etc.

Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) :

Most of the Engineers are not interested in the corporate lifestyle and often they prefer to choose public sector undertaking PSUs companies job. It offers good job security and wages than that of private or corporate sector.  The PSUs are diveded into three parts : Maharatnas, Navratnas & Miniratnas.

The Maharatnas companies such as NTPC, ONGC, IOCL,HPCL, SAIL, CIL and BHEL etc. They have a nearly similar pay structure with minor changes. The most preferred way to get a job in PSUs  is through GATE exam with best GATE score . The estimated CTC  is about Rs. 10-12 lakh per year and other benefits are as follows.

  • Entry level salary including all allowances- Rs.10-12 lakhs/year (approx.)+DA
  • Free Company accommodation
  • Transport subsidy
  • subsidized canteen
  • House maintenance, Furniture allowance, laptop allowance, etc.

Indian Forest Service (IFS):

Indian Forest Service (IFS) is the best job for life and the recruitment for this post is conducted by UPSC civil service examination. It is a best job for nature loving candidates because they have to work between wildlife and forested areas. The life of an IFS officer is full of adventure and they are expected to protect our environment. They take care of regulating environmental protection, mining and forestry activities.

The salary and other benefits are as follows:

  • Salary at entry level is Rs. 52,000 (approx.) +DA
  • well-furnished house
  • An official vehicle and driver
  • A house helper facilities
  • Subsidized electricity etc.

State Services Commissions :

Every states conducts examinations for the post like SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), ETO (Excise and Taxation Officer), Tehsildar, etc.

These officers are just below the ranks of UPSC’s direct recruited officers. The State Service Commission salary in particular varies from state to state, but the average salary is Rs.35,000-45,000. The other incentives like a furnished house, official vehicle, driver, electricity allowance, etc.

Lecturer/Professors in Government Colleges:

The teaching jobs are very fantastic and the most peaceful jobs because you have enough free time in everyday life. It offers enough free time and is probably the only one job that allows you to enjoy the vacation. An assistant professor get a salary of Rs. 50,000-1,00,000 at the entry level in Institutes like IIT, IISC,IIM, IIIT & NIT etc.

They also get other benefits such as medical facilities, accommodation, laptop allowance etc. An assistant teacher at a technical colleges get Rs. 70,000-80,000 salary. Other benefits such as medical facilities, accommodation, laptop allowance, etc.

ASO in Ministry of External Affairs:

ASO in Ministry of External Affairs is a Class B position. If any candidate wants to take a position in ASO in Ministry of External Affairs then they have to clear SSC CGL exam. There has a biggest incentive to work at MEA in foreign postings.

They get minimum six foreign positions during their entire career, and each posting has a 3-year term period. The salary of ASO officer is between Rs. 1.25-1.8 lakh. The minister get an excellent accommodation with free health facilities in various major hospitals across the country with the best care and protection.

In the above article we have discussed most of the popular highest paying government jobs in India. we have tried to convey the information in very short terms and easy words.

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