The Heart of the Tree

Poet Henry Cuyler Bunner has beautifully written this poem ‘The Heart of the Tree’. Poet wants to say that trees are very useful to mankind, and humans are actually doing a wonderful job if they are planting trees because this will in-turn lead to the nation’s progress.

 Historical fact ‘The Heart of the Tree’. 

the heart of the tree figures of speech

The Spencerian verse is a definite verse form set by Edmund Spencer for his epic poem The Fairy Queen (1590–96). Each verse consists of a total of nine lines: eight lines in iambic pentameter and then an ‘alexandrine’ line in iambic hexameter. The rhyme scheme of these lines is “ABBAKBECK”.

Even though the verse verses have nine lines, the rhyme scheme is changed to ‘ABBAKBECK’ type.

the heart of the tree poem explanation

The first stanza

 What does he plant who plants a tree? 

He plants a friend of sun and sky; 

He plants the flag of breezes free; 

The shaft of beauty, towering high; 

He plants a home to heaven anigh; 

For song and mother-croon of bird 

In hushed and happy twilight heard— 

The treble of heaven’s harmony— 

These things he plants who plants a tree.


The poet takes little more than the task of planting trees. Does he just plant a tree or do more? Does it complete a trigger event that makes the whole difference? What does she do This repeating line represents something larger than the poet, the plant, or something else.

the heart of the tree theme

The tree being a friend of the sun and the sky, provides shade, survives on sunlight. The comparison is elating as to why your winds are the flag. Planted, yes it is, rises to the height of a tower, and stands as a reverberation of beauty.

Branches and spreading joy become the habitat of birds, of which chirping and sound are heard in the evening. With increasing pitch, harmonious existence is heard throughout.

The last line answers the question initially asked.

Second verses

What does he plant who plants a tree? 

He plants cool shade and tender rain, 

And seed and bud of days to be,

 And years that fade and flush again;

He plants the glory of plain

He plants the forest’s heritage; 

The harvest of a coming age; 

The joy that unborn eyes shall see— 

These things he plantsplants


 who plants a tree.


The question is repeated, to which the poet himself answers it. Provides trees, binds shade, maintains water / moisture. Heritage is such a thing, which is related to the growth of greenery around it, starting from the tree planted at this juncture. This is the only line that talks about the future. Their children get to see the tree grow, provide shade, bloom and add to the natural beauty around them, which will eventually provide happiness.

Third verses

What does he plant who plants a tree? 

He plants, in sap and leaf and wood, 

In love of home and loyalty 

And far-cast thought of civic good— 

His blessings on the neighborhood, 

Who in the hollow of His hand 

Holds all the growth of all our land— 

A nation’s growth from sea to sea 

Stirs in his heart who plants a tree.

In the love of home, his abode, a tree that grows in a tree, is a symbol of loyalty, a token of love has been bestowed upon him. When he planted the tree, everything happens that reflects civic responsibility and work. Expresses the aesthetics of the neighborhood. Blessings and good intentions that he wishes for.

When a tree is planted, it speeds up the reform of a nation from sea to sea. Exponential growth can be seen, all due to the kind and civic duty that plants a tree thereafter.


the heart of the tree critical appreciation

Thus the poet Henry Cuyler Bunner composed an unusual piece of poetry in ‘The Heart of the Tree’ from a common and cliché subject – the utility of planting a tree.

It related quotes to tree by buddha 

We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything.

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