Who was Ramsnehi of sinthal and khedapa district sampradaya

Hello friends today I am going to tell you about Ramsnehi sampradaya. Sant Hari Ramdasji was the originator of Sinhathal branch of Ramsnehi, who was a resident of Sinhathal under Bikaner state. In 1743 AD, he took initiation of the Ramsnehi sect. He also preached Ram Bhakti by roaming around, and he died in 1778 AD. He also gave second place to the Guru after God, refuted the various stages of worship of Nirgun Ram and the evils prevalent in the society. They did not accept the distinction of Hindu-Muslims and considered both to be the same.

Ramsnehi sampraday ki shakha

Promoted Saint Ramdasji of RamSnehi’s Kandapa Branch (Sampraday Ki Shakha) was the disciple of Saint Hariramadasji and was a resident of a village called Bhikamkor near Jodhpur and had a maternal grandmother in Khedapa (Marwar). In 1752 AD, he took initiation from Sant Hari Ramdasji, and after doing spiritual practice in a village named Molana, he made Khedapa his center while promoting Ram Bhakti in the nearby villages. Ramdasji was a householder and after his death in 1798 AD, his only son Dayaldas succeeded him.

Ramsnehi sampradaya ki peeth
Ramsnehi sampradaya

Ramsnehi dham

Ramsnehi dham’s is Hindu .He also laid emphasis on Guru Bhakti. He said that Brahmatva could be attained only by the exclusive devotion of Rama, the nirguna-formal without illusion. He also refuted the prevailing evils in society and preached to imbibe virtues like truth, love, non-violence, sincerity, etc. At the time of Ramdasji, the sadhus of this branch were householders and used to wear white robes, but during the time of his son Dayaldas, these sadhus were divided into these five categories: Virakta, Videha, Paramhansa, Pratiksha, and Grihastha.

Ethics of Ramsnehi Saints

Ramsnehi saints propagated the holy mantra named Ram and spread the message of Ram Bhakti far and wide. Gradually, their disciple tradition developed and Ramdwaras were established at various places. Ram affectionate sadhus live in Ramdwaras, daily remember Ram-Naam regularly and fulfill their stomach by asking for alms. They usually do not keep anything other than kamandal, nappies, sheets, garlands, and books with them. They do not marry and the Hindu caste is taken among the sadhus.

Ramsnehi sampradaya ki pramukh peeth

sampradaya also wear pink colored dhoti and robes and do not keep beard-mustache and hair on the head, do not use metal-pot, drink water from the kamandal of wood, and eat food in earthen pots. The monks of this sect do not worship idols, keep only the picture of their guru in the Ramdwaras and recite Guruvani in the morning and evening.

Ramsnehi Dham

In this sect, the emphasis is on ethical conduct, integrity, and religious discipline, whether a monk or a householder of the Ramdwara, being a vegetarian is mandatory for all, and worship of Rama is desirable for men and women, but both men and women are the same. Do not worship while staying at the place. The influence of the Muslim method is visible on the tradition of the program of Archana.

Ramsnehi sampradaya ki peeth
Ramsnehi sampradaya ki peeth
Ram chowki jodhpur

In this sect, Guru-Vani is sung with great love, whose language is Brajbhasha or Rajasthani. In this way, despite the different branches of this sect, there is a uniformity in their teachings, system and conduct and behavior of their origin being one. This sect is very popular in Rajasthan and adjoining states due to the high sense of coordination in this sect.

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