Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Online data entry jobs without investmentIn todays world there are so many ways to make money online because the world get digitalized now. In modern world any body can work online for various companies, it does not matter, what the educational qualification, social background, age and gender you have? you require only one thing (i.e Technical Skills). You can learn free skills from various online platform like YouTube and many more from your home.

Nowadays most of people make a choice of working online from home which gives him a chance to spend maximum time with their family along with earning. It also help entire people to become independent without any investment. you can also start it with your previous settled offline job in extra time for getting extra money along with your monthly salary.

College going students can also do it along with their academic study for their pocket money or other expenditure. It helps a lot to various people to make money for their livelihood in COVID-19 pandemic situation.

In this article, I am going to mention some of the best and popular online data entry jobs without investment.

Online data entry jobs without investment

Some of the most popular online data entry jobs without investment are as given below.

  • Online Form Filling
  • Data Entry Keyers
  • Data Formatting Job
  • Converting Image to Text
  • Copy & Paste Job
  • Online Surveys
  • Ad Posting
  • Creating Customized Reports
  • Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Jobs
  • Captcha Entry Jobs
  • Freelance Jobs
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • SMS Sending Jobs
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk etc. and many more

The detailed information about these online data entry jobs without investment as discussed below.

Online Form Filling

In this job you will receive a large amount of data and a separate online form. This data is a file that contains various fields such as customer name, telephone number, email address, address, bank account information and many more.

You have to enter the given data to the respected position in each field of the form with very carefully without any mistake. This is a very easy Online data entry jobs without investment. It does not required any good writing skills, any one can do this work like housewives, job retired person, student etc.

One thing always keep in your mind don’t pay any amount in registration to any website because there are so many scam websites in India offering scam jobs online. Always do online jobs on trusted website.

Data Entry Keyers

In this job you have to extract relevant information or keywords from various types of documents such as Academics, Science, Business, Law, Medical etc. and entering this data into databases such as Excel sheets or company templates. Then this data sheet is delivered to customers.

The another type of event which is also done in this job that is  to identify the errors in the given data and fix them correct.

For doing this you have to a typing speed of approximately 50 wpm with 0% error. Along with this there should be a good knowledge of MS Excel. On an average you can easily earn between $ 10 – $ 20 per hour. If you get experienced then you can earn even more also.

Data Formatting Job

This jobs includes the formatting of the content in a word document such as you need to organize the text into paragraphs, align it, create bulleted lists, indentation, fonts, and so on.

The another form of this job is to format a long of contents that includes various fields like name, email ID, phone number etc. You have to  remove the excess spaces and align them properly.

On an average you can easily earn between $ 10 – $ 12 per hour.

Converting Image to Text

In the jobs of converting image to text you will have to provided a image files that are the screenshots of paragraphs which contains various containing medical terms/terminologies.

You need to read images and write the words in MS Word. the paragraph can be between 100 to 200 words long. You just need to convert these images to text format.

In this type jobs the accuracy is the most important thing which should be always keep in your mind on doing this job because the words are mainly belongs to medical terminologies rather than general English. Mostly, the data entry companies require 99.99% accuracy. So it is important to be very careful on working.

You can get a costs of $ 4 to $ 6 to convert an image file to text format. By converting 20 to 25 such files per day can easily earn $ 90 to $ 100 per day.

This is the most common online data entry jobs without investment on the Internet.

Copy & Paste Job

As this job name suggests, You have to copy the contents of one file and paste it to another file by doing some formatting  and modification in it. This is the most  simplest, easy and reliable jobs of Online data entry jobs without investment.

In this type of job, the another form of work is to convert the one form of file format to another form such as: PDF to Word document, Excel to Word or vice -versa. The content can be of any types like text, letters, numbers etc.

In some cases of this job you have to copy- paste the data such as Name, Address, Phone no., Email Id into a database like MS Access, Oracle etc. or to sort the data in a specific table and put it on a separate Excel sheet. Mostly you need to copy- paste of approximately 5000-8000 words per file.

Online Surveys

This is the best work from home online data entry jobs without investment for students and housewife. They can earn $ 3- $ 5 by completing each one surveys.

This job is something different from all other online data entry jobs without investment because here you will have to answer both simple and difficult questions on a specific topic by using your brain on completing the survey forms.

There are almost 10 to 30 questions to which you have to give answers depending on the topic. The larger surveys take longer time, but you have a opportunity to earn more money from that surveys.

Ad Posting

This job includes to post the ads on various websites, blogs, and forums. The company provides you ads and various websites, you just have to post them. Behalf of this the company will pay you for it.

Your income totally depends on the number of ads you post, to get a decent/good income you have to post thousands number of ads in each months.

Creating Customized Reports

In this job, you need to create/generate a customized reports on various project as given by the client. The company provides some specific instructions and information related to that project. You have to create Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, charts, graphs, etc. on considering the given instructions by company.

By doing this job you can make a income $10- $15 per hour.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Jobs

Blogging is a great platform to make money by monetize Google AdSense. You can take it to the next level, by doing affiliate marketing of various online digital marketing shopping site company like Amazon and many others by your blog website. By this you can make more revenue than Google AdSense.

For doing so your blog should having great content and it should be acquired a good ranked on Google search page because there are a lot of competition are there in it.

Captcha Entry Jobs

Captchas are the images that contain text, numbers and alphanumeric characters that are used to fill in the given field to avoid spam. Here you get random captchas that can be solved like any other security challenge, you have solved on different websites.

You can easily earn up to $ 150 per day by solving captchas 7 hours in a day. In this field you need a lot of patience and experience to make more money.

Freelance Jobs

If you have a good technical skills of web developing, designing and coding, then this is best for you. It is one of the oldest ways to earn money online. There are so many various opportunities in front of you to make money online from various freelance websites such as:,, Upwork, People Per Hour, Toptal, Flex Jobs etc. without any investment or registration fee.

If you become a freelance then one thing always keep in your mind that you are paid once task is completed and it should also accepted by the clients. It means you may have to rework if necessary.

Conclusions :-

Nowadays there are more then hundreds of Online data entry jobs without investment in the market of India or abroad. It is difficult to cover all of them ia single article. We have discuss top most of them which is trustable and reliable.

Friends, I hope that you will have get all required information from above post on Online data entry jobs without investment. we have tried to convey the information in very short terms and in easy language.

If you got any doubt or questions related to this post Online data entry jobs without investment then free to asked. If you have any suggestions related to this then please provide us from comment box. I will be highly obliged to you for this.

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