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The Islands

Apart from the large number of islands in the near proximity of the Indian coast, there are two main groups of islands in the Indian Ocean far away from the coast. One of them is the Lakshadweep islands in the Arabian Sea and the other is the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the bay of Bengal.

These islands have gained much importance in view of increasing interest of superpowers of the world in the geopolitics of Indian Ocean.

Indian Lakshadweep Islands

These islands groups lie close to the Malabar Coast of Kerala. This  group of 25 islands is composed of small coral islands. The islands North of 11 N latitude are known as Amindivi islands and those South of It are Cannanore islands. They cover small area of 32 sq ft.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

Andaman and Nicobar archipelago has been formed by the extension of the tertiary mountain chains of Arakan Yoma. This Islands lie close to equator experience equatorial climate and have thick forest cover. Some of the Islands are fingered with coral reefs. The entire group of Islands is divided into two broad categories: The Andaman in the North and Nicobar in the South.

Difference between andaman and nicobar islands and lakshadweep islands class 9

The great Andaman group of Islands in the north is separated by the ten Degree channel from the Nicobar group in the south. The Andaman islands are sub-divided into four major island group: North Andaman, Middle Andaman, South Andaman, and Little Andaman.

Biggest Island in Andaman group is Middle Andaman (1536 sq km) and smallest is Ross island (0.8 km). The capital Port Blair is located on Eastern coast of South Andaman. Barren island and Narcondam island located North of Port Blair are volcanic islands.

Biggest island in Nicobar group is Great Nicobar (1045 sq km) and smallest is Pilo Milow Island (1.35 sq Km).Andaman and Nicobar islands has 4 national parks and 40 small ports.

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