How to Make Money Online on Telegram

How to Make Money Online on Telegram : In the era of digital world everyone want to make money in any way, and the Telegram Messenger is a better alternative. In addition to this fact that Telegram is full of cool and exclusive features and it allows you to earn money at your home. The Telegram has Some special features which makes it quite different from the WhatsApp i.e. you can add millions users by creating Channel or Group.

Friends, most of you would known about making money with telegram but one thing you have no more any idea, how can we do this, so today I will let you sit through this blog post, How to Make Money Online on Telegram. many of you get a little surprised to think how it possible but it’s true that you can make good money using Telegram.

There is no limit to how much you can earn money from your Telegram Channels. Here we will share you some most effective strategies of How to Make Money Online on Telegram. There are plenty of ways to monetize a channel in Telegram.

At present the telegram has almost 400 millions of active users and it handle 15 millions messages per day so you shouldn’t have to worry about any traffic because it’s a huge platform. Please read this article How to Make Money Online on Telegram up to the end and I am sure that you will be able to make money by telegram by following these strategies

How to Make Money Online on Telegram

There are so many ways to make money with telegram in 2023 and here we provide most effective & proven ways that make you to generate money with telegram which are as follows:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a platform, where you can generate a commission by promoting the products of other company without any investment with promoting the products on Telegram. It is one of the best and easiest way in entire methods to earn money online from a telegram. It includes all about promoting and selling products of various companies and they will provide you good commissions with each products which you could sold out.

Today’s everyone want to buy a cheap products. There are thousands of deals that you can see daily on various E-commerce and other websites such as : Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Hostgator, Resellerclub, Bluehost, Hostinger, Godaddy etc. To do this, you have to take an Affiliate Membership of that company and then You can choose various category of product from there.

As an affiliate of these websites, you have to create your own affiliate link and share these product links on your telegram channel. When any customer clicks on your affiliate link and purchases any of that product then you will get some commission on that product within 24 hours.

Selling Ads

This is a most popular options to generate money online through Telegram, especially in countries like India, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia  where they used to sold ads on telegram channels such as others’ channel for cross- promotion.

If have a subscriber of more than 50k members then you can easily sell a promotional post with links t other Telegram channel. you can easily generate an income up to $500-700 per month by promoting other channel, website and products. For getting this result your channel has to having a good content so that the followers get engaged on your channel more time

Link Shortening

It is also a good medium to make money from Telegram. You can earn well through it by creating website’s Link Shortening and to share these  link through your Telegram’s channel group.

When you post an article on your Telegram channel which contains a link. If visitor clicks on that link, they have to browse the actual content by seeing the ads on it which make the publishers or owner to generate a lot of money according to the respective CPC of of Ads.

Charge a Subscription Fee

In this medium you can make two channels, the first make as a public to create a large user base of follower and the 2nd one make as private which contains a premium content. To access of the private channel only allowed through a special link for members who able to pay subscription fees on periodic or one time basis.

You can also charge a fixed amount to the subscriber on monthly basis and generate a constant source of income. In this way, the public channel is used to promoting of various things such as: advertisements, cross promotions, content marketing and other strategies, while the private channel used to generates constant income and benefits.


Once you created a channel, create a better advertising post with more attention and high creativity as possible to giving more time on it. An advertising such that, when anyone read that message they highly obligate to subscribe the channel. The advertising posts are completely different, you can use images, graphics, gifs or just text to make it.

When a person brings his shop or business online then they have to adopts the Social Media Platform for Sponsor of his business. The main reason behind it, nowadays most of people spend their more time on Social Media Platform.

In order to growing their online shop they approach to a big Telegram Channel person to promote their business and in return of it they will pay you money on my behalf it. If your Telegram Channel is large and having a very big number of Subscriber or follower i.e. in thousands or millions, then the company will contact you on its own. You do not need to find anyone anywhere.

Do Paid Posts

It’s most similar to selling ads, but one thing is quite different in this case i.e. almost 100% of your posts are paid. A  good example this niche job boards which exists in the form Telegram groups or channels, which allow you to post job vacancies for a fixed fee. At first, these job boards take content from other websites and later HR-managers will find them by themselves.

Paid Promotion

If you have a Telegram channel having subscriber more than thousands in it, Then you can earn a lot of money by promoting others channels, websites, blog, YouTube channel, someone’s products and demand a little charge for promoting their business. In this the channel owners taken money according to days the promote.

Along with that you can also approach any website or web developer to promote their business because website owners always in search of a great traffic. You can easily convince them to to promote their business or websites in your channel and generate a good income. I have already seen to various persons who makes 15k+ per month by promoting others businesses.

By Creating Movie / Web Series Channels

According to a survey which says that a normal person watches an average of 2 movies per week. It is so much difficult to download a movie from the Internet because websites contains to much annoying ads. So you can help these people to provide them, what they look for and make money with it.

If you have a large collection of movies then upload these movies to any cloud storage  such as G-drive, Mega, Kik etc. and make them shorten those G-drive links on link website such as Gplinks, Earnload etc. and then share these link on your movie channel. These websites will show ads to the user and in return you will earn money on opening your link by users.

There are two ways to make money from telegram movie channels:

The 1st one is by Ads showing on your website, in this case these website normally give you $6 per 1000 unique visitors. It can also vary with CPM, which differs from website to website.

The 2nd one is by taking a little amount of subscription fee on monthly basis from your private telegram channel which contains movies in it.

Sell Your Own Products and Services to Make Money

In the current scenario of market every platform of service provider (such as educational portal, freelancer designer or many more) makes their own Telegram channel and they used to monetize their channel by selling their products and services.

You can gets the benefit of it, If you have a good number of followers, then you can sell your own product. Believe me this is the best way to make money from Telegram.

If you have good knowledge any specialization such as: Digital Marketing, web developing or any other platform, then you can share your knowledge or experience through an E-book or a course. With providing this E-book and courses you can charge a subscription fee.

Sell Your Telegram Group and Channel

If your Telegram channel have an enough members then you can sell it to someone else. In this way the client provide you a good price and you have to transferring your ownership to them, Then after that you can also create another channel grow it to a good number of subscriber and sell it again.

From a single channel, you can easily generate an income of range from $ 50 to $ 5,000. The engagement rate totally depends on how much you have members on your channel.

In today’s modern era, there are so many big digital marketer who making Telegram and other social media platform to earn money because today, more than half of the population spent their more time Social Networking and remains more active on it.

Overall, as you can see, there are a variety of monetization options available at your fingertips through Telegram. You have to follow a right strategy which you like and make a little patience.


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