Difference between application software and system software

The main difference between application software and system software : As you all know one thing, software is a set/collection of instructions or programs that directs hardware system to run machine and to do specific tasks. It also operates computer to tell how to work. It includes computer programs, libraries, and related non-executable data, such as: online documentation or digital media.

Both computer hardware and software require to do any task, each of them are compliment of other and there is no any meaning any one of them to use alone. they cannot be used alone.

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In this article, I am going to mention best information about difference between application software and system software. This article mostly focuses on computer software, application software, system software, difference between application software and system software and many more.

Generally the software are categorized into two parts such as: System Software and Application Software.

There are so many various difference between application software and system software. The system software acts as an interface between the application software and hardware component of the computer that make computer ready to work and relate to internal functions of computer such as: an operating system or utilities software.

The application software acts as the interface between the user and the system software that is developed by programmers for different purposes like Office, Railway ticketing, Billing system etc.

In this post you will know about the difference between the system software and the application software.

System software

The system software is a set of programs that acts as an interface between the system hardware and the user. This is mainly designed to control, integrate and manage the operations all individual hardware components and to expand the processing functions of computer system. It allows the system to understand the command entered by the user and helps application programs to execute correctly.

The end user can not directly interact with the system software, they can only interact with the GUI (Graphical User Interface) created by the system software. It makes a computer to run faster, more effectively, and more safely.

These software programs are written in low-level languages to interact with hardware at a basic level. Some of the examples of system software are: operating system(OS) like Microsoft Windows, System servers, Device drivers, programming language etc.

Key Features of System Software

  • It is closer to the system.
  • It is usually written in a low-level language.
  • It is software is very difficult to design and understand.
  • Fast in speed & less interactive.
  • Smaller in size & hard to manipulate.

Facts of System Software

  • Operating system is used to manage and control the computer hardware and application software.
  • It consists of a variety of programs that provides a platform for running application software and support in the operation of the computer.
  • It has continuous and unrestricted access to memory, hard drives, etc.
  • It works totally or partially in the background.
  • In system software, hardware systems need at least one system software to carry out their action.

Application Software

Application software is a collection of programs designed for end- users. It does real work for the user and mostly created to perform a specific task for user. This software is written using a high level language such as Java, C ++, .net and is mainly designed to meet specific user requirements. It deals with user input and help users to perform their tasks. It can performed both simple and complex tasks.

This software acts as an intermediary between the end user and the system software and is also known as application package or app. You can install a multiple number of applications software on a single system software for doing various different specific task at a time. These software can store on CDs, DVDs, derived flash drives, keychain storage devices etc. Some of the example of application software are: Microsoft Office, Photoshop, word processor, spreadsheet, database, Web Browser, Media Player etc.

The most common three application software are: design software, computer software, and publishing software. There is a specific purpose behind every application software.

Key Features of Application Software

  • It Performs more specialized tasks like word processing, spreadsheets, email, photo editing etc. and more.
  • It takes more space for its storage because of its is bigger size.
  • It is very easy to design and more interactive for the user.
  • It is usually written in a high-level language.

Facts of Application Software

  • It performs specific tasks depending on how it is designed. You cannot do any other tasks that is out of its scope.
  • It is only installed when the user has needs of it.
  • It only has limited access to hard disks, memory etc.
  • It is executed according to the user requirements.
  • It cannot be run independently. It only runs in the presence of system software.

Difference between application software and system software

The main differences between application system and system software are as follows:

1. System Software

  • In this software there is interface between application software and system.
  • It have capability to run independently and provides platform for running application software.
  • These are developed on low level language which is more compatible with system hardware.
  • It is general purpose software.
  • Hardware system always requires at least one system software for its action.
  • It does not need user interaction for its functioning.
  • It is used as mediator between user and hardware.
  • It is used for operating computer hardware.
  • All software are not application.
  • It may executable or may not be.

For examples-  Assemblers, Compilers, Drivers, BIOS Firmware Macro Processor etc.

2. Application Software

  • It connects or act as an intermediary between the user and computer.
  • It can’t run independently and without the presence of system software.
  • It is developed on high level language and this is developed for some specific task.
  • It is specific purpose software.
  • It runs on the platform which is provided by system software and as per user request.
  • It is used by users to perform specific task.
  • It starts and ends totally depends on the user, it starts on user begins and ends on user stops.
  • It is used by only end users.
  • All application are software.
  • It is always executable.

For examples- Word processors, Web browsers, Media players, Microsoft Office, Photoshop etc.

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